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Orange County Spousal Support

In Orange County, spousal support is awarded in a divorce case. Spousal support can be temporary or permanent. It is awarded to a non-earning or low income spouse from the high income spouse, so that the requesting spouse can have some assistance to readjust their life and become self sufficient.

Many Orange County spousal support attorneys will tell you that Orange County court system can be difficult to understand and your divorce rights such as spousal support may be compromised if you do not know or understand the California spousal support laws. 

Temporary Spousal Support vs. Permanent Spousal support

Temporary spousal support is financial assistance granted only while the divorce is ongoing. In other words, once the divorce has been filed and a request for temporary spousal support has been made, the Orange County family law court could make an order to pay spousal support from one side to the requesting party only until the divorce is final. Temporary spousal support is calculated solely based on each spouse's income and certain deductions that the California family law codes allow.

Permanent spousal support is financial assistance that one spouse must provide to the other spouse, for a time and an amount that is determined by the courts. The amount and length of time is determined either by an agreement of the parties, or by going through a lengthy court hearing after the family law courts take into consideration multiple factors, and not simply based on each spouse's income. Permanent spousal support can be for life of the receiving spouse, until he or she remarries, passes away, or unless the court makes a different order based on new changed circumstances. 

If you have a difficult spousal support issue in a divorce case in Orange County, our Newport Beach divorce lawyer can provide you with aggressive divorce attorney representation in and out of court. Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION so you may understand your legal rights and decide if you want or need the help of our experienced divorce lawyers in Orange County.

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Understanding When To Ask for Spousal Support

Know that one can only ask for spousal support if you are married and going through a divorce. Often times, unmarried people wonder if they qualify for spousal support or palimony. The answer is "no"; not in the State of California. Our Orange County spousal support attorneys can help you understand the laws related to spousal support and can explain to you what information you may or may not need to strengthen your request for spousal support.

To obtain spousal support, you must "ask", i.e. request for spousal support by filing the appropriate papers. If you do not request, the other spouse does not have any obligation to pay you any financial support after a separation.

Spousal support in Orange County is generally requested when one files for divorce. Often people do not realize that just asking for spousal support does not automatically mean the Orange County family law court will grant your request for spousal support.

It is important to note that spousal support or alimony paid by the paying spouse is tax deductible, and taxable to the recipient spouse. For more information about spousal support tax impact, please refer to IRS website here

Talk to one of our knowledgeable lawyers for spousal support in Orange County to determine if you should ask for spousal support, and what information you will need to request spousal support.

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