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Orange County Restraining Order Attorneys

One of the most difficult family law cases to deal with are restraining orders involving domestic abuse of a spouse or significant other, or cases involving child custody. Restraining orders in Orange County can be especially difficult to navigate through the court system if you do not know your rights and options. 

Sometimes, a person with family law restraining orders will also have a criminal restraining order. Situations like these require that you obtain knowledgeable and experienced advice from our restraining order attorneys to determine what are your options and what should be your next appropriate steps.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Restraining orders for domestic violence in Orange County involve cases where the victim alleges that the other party (restrained party) committed physical and/or mental or emotional abuse, or has threatened to commit physical harm. Domestic violence restraining order cases in Orange County are difficult to obtain without the necessary evidence to prove your allegations. 

If you have police reports, hospital records, witnesses, and other documentation are very helpful to support your allegations. However, be careful that if you do not know the proper way to present your evidence, the judge will not consider those to grant your request. This is one of the most common reasons why restraining orders are often denied. Because restraining order are time sensitive, it is highly recommended that you speak to one of our experienced domestic violence lawyers in Orange County to know if you have a strong case before your spend your time and money to ask for one.

If you are currently facing a situation where you believe you are being abused or are threatened with an immediate harm, or if you are one who believes that false allegations of abuse are being made toward you, please feel free to contact our office 7 days a week by phone until 7 pm. We are available by phone to provide you with a FREE phone consultation to determine whether our Orange County domestic violence restraining order attorneys can help you and how.

Restraining Order for Child Custody

It is often observed in Orange County family law courts involving a restraining order case with children that the alleged victim filed a restraining order in Orange County family law courts to obtain an unfair advantage in a child custody case. Our restraining order attorneys near Newport Beach can provide you with aggressive representation to protect your child custody rights as a parent as well as try to make sure that proper steps are taken to protect your future custodial rights. 

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If you are involved in a high conflict child custody case in Orange County, do not hesitate to contact our office. Our child custody attorneys in Newport Beach are experienced and aggressive, and we try to provide our clients with a case plan that not only explains the available options, but also best suited for the children. We are available 7 days by phone until 7 pm for a phone consult. So, call us. You have nothing to lose, and only knowledge to gain.

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