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Asset and Property Division in Newport Beach

Property division in a divorce in Orange County can be complicated. The general rule is that anything "earned" during the marriage, including debts, are divisible 50-50. 

During marriage, most people acquire modest amount of properties and assets such as a family home, and 401k and some savings. However, property and asset division during divorce in Orange County becomes complicated when there are other assets and there is commingling of assets and funds used to acquire those assets.

If you have a difficult divorce in Orange County, our Newport Beach asset and property division divorce lawyers can provide you with aggressive divorce attorney representation in and out of court. Please contact us for a FREE Phone consultation 7 days a week so you may understand your legal rights and decide if you want or need the help of our experienced divorce lawyers in Orange County.

Our divorce lawyers near Newport Beach are ready to provide aggressive divorce representation in your high conflict divorce action where the other party is difficult and uncooperative. Our Newport Beach divorce attorneys are experienced in approaching the resolution of the case from settlement to litigation in court if need be, with your best interest in mind.

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Aggressive and experienced divorce and property division lawyers

Family Home

Most people purchase a home which becomes the subject of dispute during divorce. Generally, if the property was purchased during the marriage, with income during marriage, and title was taken under both parties' names, then the property is subject to equal division

However, property division in Orange County becomes complicated when one spouse paid for the house with a down payment from an inheritance, or savings from before marriage, or sale proceeds from a home acquired before marriage, or a gift from parents. In such complicated property division cases in a divorce, you have a right to reimbursement to your proportionate contribution. To make matters worse, there may be multiple real estate properties that may be subject to division during a divorce. To find out more, please contact our office for a FREE Phone Consultation 7 days a week.

Business division in divorce in Newport Beach

Business Division

Another aspect of asset division during a complicated divorce in Orange County is the division of a business that was acquired during the marriage. In a business division dispute, the Orange County family law courts consider factors such as contribution by each party towards the maintenance, operation and purchase of the business, as well as the skill level of each spouse to operate the business to determine how the business should be divided.

Business division during divorce can be complicated since each spouse will contributed to their fair share towards the growth, success, or failure of the business, and wants an equitable right to reimbursement and division of the business at divorce. To assist the courts in making a determination as to what would be an appropriate and proper division of a family business during divorce in Orange County, it is often the practice that a 730 forensic accountant is appointed to the case to provide the court with a proper valuation of the business and a cash flow analysis of the income and expense of the business.

Our property and business division attorneys in Orange County are well versed and extremely knowledgeable in a high conflict divorce involving business division, and can help you understand the law, your options, and help strategize a plan that would best protect your wealth and help you keep what is rightfully yours. So call us 7 days a week for a FREE Phone Consultation, or call us to make an appointment to meet in person. We are here to help.

Asset and Debt Division

Generally, during marriage, often spouses acquire debts and assets that are also subject to equal division during divorce. In Orange County, division of debts may include outstanding mortgage, taxes owed to IRS, credit card debts, and debts acquired during marriage that are not subject to division, but are the responsibility of the acquiring spouse (e.g. student loans).

Asset division during divorce may include division of pension, 401K, retirements, cash value of life insurance, workers' compensation awards, and other assets that are not subject to equal division (e.g. personal injury awards).

Asset division and debt division during a divorce in Orange County can be very confusing because of poor records. You should always consider speaking to an experienced and knowledgeable property division attorney and our divorce and asset division attorneys near Irvine and Newport Beach are available 7 days a week for a FREE Phone Consultation. So, call us.

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