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Child Support and Modification in Orange County

Child support in Orange County, CA is determined based on how much each parent earns and how much time each parent spends with the child, i.e. custodial timeshare of each parent.

Orange County child support cases may involve department of child support services, unpaid back due child support payments, as well as modification of child support.

It is often difficult to determine what is a fair amount of child support that should be paid to the other parent. In Orange County, our child support attorneys are here to guide you through the process of calculating child support to a reasonable amount that would be appropriate under the custodial timeshare arrangement.

Modification of Child Support

Our Newport Beach child support attorneys can help you modify child support. To obtain a modification of child support in Orange County, there must be a substantial change in circumstances such as:

1. Loss of job;

2. Decrease or increase in income; or

3. Change in custody.

If you believe you are paying an unfair amount of child support, or you are receiving no child support and wish to obtain support, please contact our Orange County child support lawyers. Calculating child support in Orange County involves determining income of each parent as well as the appropriate allowable deductions.

Should you find yourself facing department of child support services in Orange County, or in family law court, feel free to contact our child support attorneys near Irvine or Newport Beach so you do not have to face this alone. 

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If you are involved in a high conflict child support case in Orange County, do not hesitate to contact our office. Our child support attorneys in Newport Beach are experienced and aggressive, and we try to provide our clients with a case plan that not only explains the available options, but also best suited for the children. We are available 7 days by phone until 7 pm for a phone consult. So, call us. You have nothing to lose, and only knowledge to gain.

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