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Child custody cases may involve establishment of parental rights, custody relocation or move away, interstate custody, or modification of custody. Whatever the case may be, it is your obligation as a parent to protect your child's best interest and make the best decision to safeguard their needs.


In an establishment of parental rights custody case (also known as "paternity"), neither parents are married to each other and have a child or children together. In such cases, it is best to either work out a custody and visitation plan outside of court or seek the legal advice of one of our top custody lawyers in Orange County to help you protect your custody and visitation rights to your child. Our experienced child custody lawyers in Orange County can help you understand your rights when there is a complicated issue in your child custody case, such as when there is an issue of presumed parent. This type of cases are "time sensitive", and you need to speak to one of our knowledgeable child custody lawyer near Newport Beach to determine whether you have any rights, and if so, what they are. Remember, these cases are time sensitive!

Custody Move Away or Relocation

Custody move away or relocation cases are one of the more complicated areas of child custody cases, which require detailed knowledge about the child custody laws in California. The court has to determine whether the custodial parent's request to move is for the purpose of promoting the best interest of the child or to interfere with the non-custodial parent's visitation rights. Normally, in a custody request to move away  case, the court orders a 730 psychological evaluation by an outside expert who examines the underlying reasons for the move and the reasons for opposing the move and what would promote the best interest of the child. The expert then submits a report to the court which the court uses to determine whether it should grant or deny the move away request. Our child custody attorneys in Orange County can help you understand what is involved in a custody relocation case and the costs associated with such cases. It is in your and your child's best interest to learn about whether you can relocate with your child to a different location, or whether you should oppose a custodial parent's request to move with child to a different area. Our Santa Ana child custody lawyer can help you not only understand your rights, but also file emergency custody request with the court to keep the child in-state until the court makes a proper determination of whether to grant or deny the custody relocation of minor child.

Interstate Child Custody

Another complicated child custody issue that our child custody attorneys in Irvine often observe arise is interstate custody disputes or multi-state or multi-jurisdiction custody disputes. In such cases, one parent is in California and the other parent is in a different state. Problem arises when either the out-of-state parent or the in-state parent files for custody in California, or in the other state, because of some emergency circumstance. However, the jurisdiction is unclear as to which state has the authority to hear the case. In these kinds of complicated custody dispute case, you should consult our child custody lawyers near Irvine to protect your child custody rights.  

Modification of Child Custody

Lastly, often as a parent, it may be difficult to accept that what once was is no more. In other words, before you used to spend a lot of time with your child, but now you are not able to or allowed to. Whichever the case maybe, often parents try to increase custody time by filing for a modification of custody. Child custody modification in Orange County can be filed when the requesting parent is able to show a substantial change in circumstance after a final custody order, which would warrant a custody modification, and still allow the court to maintain the stable living environment of the children and safeguard their health, safety and welfare. Many times, parents use their children as tools to make things difficult for the other parent, which not only harms the child's relationship with the other parent but also may cause parental alienation or psychological trauma that may take years to overcome.  Our Newport Beach child custody attorneys understand the emotional stress that you and your children go through, and we try to develop a case plan that would not only protect your custody rights, but also protect your children's best interest.

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If you are involved in a high conflict child custody case in Orange County, do not hesitate to contact our office. Our child custody attorneys in Newport Beach are experienced and aggressive, and we try to provide our clients with a case plan that not only explains the available options, but also best suited for the children. We are available 7 days by phone until 7 pm for a phone consult. So, call us. You have nothing to lose, and only knowledge to gain.

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