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Divorce in Orange County can be complicated. The Orange County court system can be difficult to understand and your divorce rights may be compromised. You need to know that there are two types of divorce: Uncontested and Contested.

Uncontested divorce does not involve any disputes regarding child custody, property, asset or debt division, or child and spousal support, because either there are no issues present or everyone agrees.

Contested divorce involves determination of child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, business and asset valuation, and perhaps even a restraining order.

If you have a difficult divorce in Orange County, our Newport Beach divorce lawyer can provide you with aggressive divorce attorney representation in and out of court. Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION so you may understand your legal rights and decide if you want or need the help of our experienced divorce lawyers in Orange County.

High Conflict Divorce

Sometimes, you may have a difficult spouse who does not wish to cooperate in resolving issues amicably or you may experience that opposing counsel is just as much difficult as your spouse. It is in your best interest to protect your divorce rights in your divorce case by consulting with one of our experienced divorce attorneys in Orange County. Our firm's divorce attorneys are compassionate to the clients' needs and provide aggressive divorce lawyer representation in Irvine, Santa Ana, Newport Beach and surrounding cities in Orange County with the utmost detail and attention that each client deserves.

High Net-Worth or High Income Divorce

You may also have a high asset divorce case when there are not only multiple assets to be divided, but also debts incurred during the marriage. In order to facilitate a smooth division of property in your divorce case, you may want to think about obtaining a free consultation to determine what your division of property rights are as to the marital property, and what will be a fair and equitable division of assets in your divorce.

Complicated divorce cases can also happen because of the mixing of the assets and debts acquired during and before marriage by both parties and it must be determined as to who should get what or how much. Our Newport Beach divorce attorneys are ready to handle your complex divorce case where it is also very difficult to determine which spouse is responsible for what debts acquired during marriage, and which assets can provide and accomplish an equitable and fair division and distribution.

Our divorce lawyers near Newport Beach are ready to provide aggressive divorce representation in your high conflict divorce action where the other party is difficult and uncooperative. Our Newport Beach divorce attorneys are experienced in approaching the resolution of the case from settlement to litigation in court if need be, with your best interest in mind.

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